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I’m Not a Monogamous Knitter

There’s nothing like casting on a new project. This is why I always have more than 1 on the needles at any point. Actually, a few weeks ago, I realized that I had finished a pair of socks, a sweater, and a hat within a few days of each other and I was down to ONE PROJECT ON THE NEEDLES OMG NO. I immediately cast on socks that I had waiting and got on the ole internet to order yarn for a cardigan. The cardigan planning had been in the works for weeks already at that point, so it wasn’t an impulse buy. If you were worried about my spending habits.

It obviously goes the fastest to get your project done if you’re only working on one thing at a time, but I just can’t. I get sick of the color, sick of the yarn size, sick of the needle size, bored of the pattern, or dread transitioning to the next step in the pattern. Let me say though that I almost never abandon a project. None of these reasons that make me want to do something else mean I don’t like the project anymore, I just need variety.

When I taught myself how to knit, I had been crocheting for 2 years already. But I knew knitting was where I wanted to end up. I REALLY wanted to make my own clothes. Like actual clothes that look like you bought them at the store, not a janky-looking crocheted sweater-like object that awww did your grandma make that, omg so sweet. (This isn’t to say that there aren’t lovely crochet garments, I’ve made some before, but generally clothes from stores are knitted and I’m dumb enough to try to make my own crochet sweater pattern and it would have looked like someone put a granny-square afghan in a blender and gently draped it over my shoulders and patted me on the head.) After I made my first hand-knit sweater, I couldn’t get a wardrobe full of sweaters fast enough.

So this is where I am now.

  • I always have a sweater on the needles or I am planning my next sweater either for myself or my husband or son. Or for a test knit. Or a gift. I really like sweaters.
  • I really like having socks on the needles. Especially if they’re just stockinette, sometimes they are the best palate cleanser from something frustrating, or the best procrastination tool. And hey maybe one day I’ll be fast enough or prepared enough to knit socks for gifts in advance of the occasion – yet another use!
  • I have a lot of design ideas, so I’m challenging myself to have something on the needles that I’m creating a pattern for. This is a new endeavor and can be frustrating or much slower to knit the thing than write the pattern, so it’s nice to have the other projects to gravitate to when something about the design du jour is annoying me.
  • And I’m always open to a little project. Winter came JUST LIKE NED STARK SAID IT WOULD and I was unprepared. My nearly 2-year-old kiddo was without mittens except for the big-ass ones you use to build a snowman, so I took a day to make him a pair. And I had leftover yarn from my husband’s sweater, so I used that and another partial skein to make him a quick colorwork hat. These less-than-a-week long projects are nice to get that delicious finished object satisfaction in a hurry.

So, variety is the spice of my knitting life apparently. How bout you?

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