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Projects on My Needles – Dec 3, 2017

As I mentioned in a previous post, I almost always have more than 1 project in progress at one time. I like to post my progress shots on Instagram, but I think it will be fun to have a more detailed write up every now and again of the things I’m working on!

Right now I have 3 things going.

The first is called the Cloud Cover cardigan. I noticed myself always being drawn to the one open-front cardigan that I own, the others with buttons being neglected on the shelf. I was drawn to the big rolled collar on this one and the way it drapes. I wanted to create a fabric that was drapey but at the same time soft and fuzzy (with 2 Zs). To create a DK weight that the pattern calls for, I combined Quince & Co.’s Sparrow in the colorway Birch which is a fingering weight organic linen and Plymouth Yarn’s Kid Gloss Hand Dyed in the colorway ivory which is a lace weight 72% kid mohair and 28% silk. The piece isn’t big and heavy enough at this point to know how it’ll drape, but I love the feel of the fabric, and I’m stoked to have another open-front cardigan in my closet.

Pattern: Cloud Cover by Heidi Kirrmaier
Yarn: Quince & Co. Sparrow in Birch held together with Plymouth Yarn Kid Gloss Hand Dyed in Ivory
Ravelry Project Page: Icy Blue Fuzz

Hi kiddo!

Next up, we’ve got a design by me! This design came from me staring at yarn that was leftover from other projects and wondering what to do. I figured I could just use it on a pattern that was already established or that I had made before, but it wasn’t a priority to figure out, so I just let it hang out. Then I got hit by the pattern like a bird hitting your windshield. I HAD to make this into a shawl with sections of textured solid parts and pretty lace parts. So I cast on. Then I kept getting ideas and trying them out as I went, so this piece turned more into a canvass to see “I wonder what this would look like” than what the pattern is going to be. But trust me, the pattern that I’ve landed on is going to be hella cool. It’s got a cool name and a cool theme and cool yarn and you can wear it during cool weather. Sorry.

Pattern: To be announced by me!
Yarn: Swan’s Island Natural Colors in Vintage Lilac held together with Shibui Silk Cloud in Mineral
& Madeline Tosh Merino Light in Night Bloom
Ravelry Project Page: I’m-Not-Telling-You-The-Name-Yet Shawl


And finally, I’ve been drooling over this yarn ever since I was perusing Simply Socks Yarn Company to find options for a gift sock knit. This was a sock I cast on when I realized to my horror that I only had 1 thing on the needles that I was totally not feeling like I wanted to work on. So obviously I cast them on and binge watched Punisher with my husband after kiddo was in bed. Can I just say that I will always do socks magic loop 2 at a time from now until forever? I’ve never used a DPN and I’m cool with that. Also toe-up makes me happy because you can use up all of your yarn instead of guessing how long to make the leg. For these I did 2 at a time Judy’s Magic Cast On, cast on 12 and increased up to 60 stitches using LLI and RLI (Google it, I don’t know how to explain how to do it). Once I get to my desired foot length, I’m going to put in some waste yarn a la Susan B. Anderson’s Smooth Operator Socks Pattern, knit an inch or so, then do the afterthought heel with the other ends of the yarn balls, then continue the leg until I run out of yarn. I’m trying to find my ultimate personal sock recipe for socks that don’t piss me off to wear for more than a photo op.

Pattern: Smooth Operator Sock by Susan B. Anderson
Judy’s Magic Cast On
Yarn: Turtlepurl Yarns in Burberry
Ravelry Project Page: Burberry Socks

And there you have it! My queue of things to make for myself and to design and gifts to give keeps getting longer, so tune in next time for another installment of Projects on My Needles!

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