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Knitting Hiatus

Hi everyone!

There has been a distinct lack of activity from me on the blog and the Instagram lately. There’s been a lack of activity of me in my house too, but you can’t tell that I haven’t done the dishes!

I’ve been super low energy for the last several weeks (for a good reason, I promise!). So much so that knitting seemed like too much of an effort, which, obviously is very silly indeed.

I have plenty of things to catch up on here. You can expect posts on the following subjects in the future:

  • an update to the running list of  yarns that I have used
  • a WIP update (although, my knitting has been slow to non-existent, so my items may be a bit familiar!)
  • a post about the hand-made gifts I gave to my friend whose baby is due in April
  • participating in Fibre Share (Hi Nikki and Alix!!)
  • who knows what else! My brain has only just begun working properly again.

To me, it feels like I’ve been gone a goshdarn long time, but it’s really only been about 7 weeks since my last blog post. And I’ve posted sporadically on Instagram, and I intend to get back into it once I can manage to do anything noteworthy in my knitting life :).

Talk to you soon, <3 Larissa