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Projects on My Needles – April 18, 2018

Holy guacamole, I haven’t done a WIP update since December! I’ve got lots to update, so this will be a slightly different format than the few WIPs I’ve got going. I would probably ordinarily do a post about each FO, but I think that might make my brain explode or take me until next April to accomplish.

Finished Objects

Three-Eyed Raven

I wrote extensively about this shawl in its very own post when I released the pattern for sale. It was not quite done when I wrote my last WIP update, so here’s a refresher if’n you’re interested!

Burberry Socks

These have gotten plenty of wear this winter, and I was so pleased with how well the heel striping worked when I pulled from the other end of the cake.

Cloud Cover Cardigan

I got a ton of wear out of this cardigan this winter too! It’s perfect to pull on over whatever first layer I’m wearing. It has, however, been shamefully sitting in a pile of knits I need to wash for a while. I really need a big tub to hand wash lots of knits in at once, because this whole one at a time business is really slowing me down.

Baby Flax

This little sweater took me kind of a long time to finish. I stupidly decided to switch colors every 2 rows, then kept running out of the colors I started with making me panic about the end result. It ended up perfectly lovely, but HOLY WEAVING IN ENDS BATMAN did that step take forever. This was one of the gifts I gave to my friends whose baby was born in March.

Stormy Sky Shawl

I really really really love the way the shawl turned out. I’ve been wearing it every day since I finished it (since winter will never end). The pops of neon yellow and bright purple are really energizing to the whole thing which looks a bit grayish green from afar. And tassels are fun AF, so there’s that.

Works in Progress

Now onto our regularly scheduled programming. I’ve only got two projects actually on my needles at the moment. I’m developing a backlog of yarn that I don’t know what to do with and projects that I can’t afford the intended yarn for yet, so I’m focusing on what I’ve got now.

I’ve been looking forward to starting my Zweig forever, and I finally did in January. I’m using Swan’s Island’s Natural Colors Merino fingering in Teal and Oyster. It stains my hands blue, which is fun. I totally figured I’d have this whole sweater finished by now because I was on a knitting tare. But let’s just say a small but significant thing happened to me to make me omg so tired that I could barely think of picking up my needles without it giving me vertigo. But I’m slogging along the body rows, and luckily there’s a little X cable every few rows to keep me motivated. Also, don’t tell anyone, but because of the yardage of the yarn I bought, I am 50 yds short of the suggested amount I was supposed to buy because I didn’t want to buy an extra skein and have 500 yds leftover. So, it may end up a 3/4 length sleeve. <insert shrug emoji here>.

Pattern: Zweig by Caitlin Hunter
Yarn: Swan’s Island Natural Colors Merino Fingering in Teal and Oyster
Ravelry Project Page: Zweig

The other project on my needles is Okanogan socks. These ones are for myself, and my husband will be getting an exact opposite color scheme pair. This will be my first time doing a heel flap. I’ve only ever done an afterthought heel and the fish lips kiss heel. Also, since my gauge keeps getting looser, I bought size US 0 and 00 needles. These are the first socks I’m doing at that size, so we’ll see how it goes. The yarn I’m using for most of it is Blacker Yarns Mohair Blends 4-ply. Reading project notes of people who’ve made socks with this seems to point towards a bulletproof fabric. This is exactly what I want. My last couple of pairs of socks have been too loose in gauge, and I really want to use natural fibers as much as I can (mohair = nature’s nylon). Will report back. For the heel/cuff/toe I’m using some leftover Green Mountain Spinnery Meadow, which is also a mohair blend. I really liked the detail of the ribbing around the arch of the foot, so I’m hoping these wear like a rugged dream.

Pattern: Okanogan by Andrea Rangel
Yarn: Blacker Yarns Mohair Blends 4-Ply in Ladock Woods and Metherell
Green Mountain Spinnery Meadow in Natural
Ravelry Project Page: Okanogan Socks

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