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Projects on My Needles – May 21, 2018

Hi hi! You guys, I think I’ve got my knitting enthusiasm back! I’ve cast on 2 more projects since my last update. They’re small, but I’ve made significant progress on my Zweig sweater in that time too, so I’m feeling pretty good. There are still so many projects in my queue that I’m itching to buy yarn for, but that is going to have to wait until the money fairy puts yarn under my pillow. Or some other more elegant metaphor/joke.

In the meantime, I’m working on something free, just costs time. I’m compiling a list of yarns that are in the realm of “natural” – no superwash and no synthetic fibers. I didn’t realize how many yarn brands carried bases that were compliant in this regard, so the list is EPICALLY HUGE. It’ll be available to download when I’m finished; you’ll get to organize and Ctrl + F your preferences. It’s either going to be very helpful, or else I’ve just added a major aspect of analysis paralysis to your lives. Sorry, but you’re welcome?

The first two projects here I’ve already written about in my previous WIP update post, but the next two are new!

1. Zweig

I have finally finished the body of this sweater and the left sleeve! I’ve got the second sleeve cast on. I think I’ll focus on this project as my priority so that I have it as a garment to wear. The other WIPs aren’t really things that’ll get use in the next few months anyway, so they can take longer to achieve FO status. Oh, and I’ve got plenty of yarn to finish the second sleeve at full length, never fear :).

Pattern: Zweig by Caitlin Hunter
Yarn: Swan’s Island Natural Colors Merino Fingering in Teal and Oyster
Ravelry Project Page: Zweig

2. Okanogan

These may not look any different from my last post, but I promise they grew 1-2 inches. I think I’ve still got another 1.5 inches or so of the leg to knit before I start the heel flap. I’m actually excited to work on the heel flap since I’ve never done one before, I just have to slog through the boring legs first!

Pattern: Okanogan by Andrea Rangel
Yarn: Blacker Yarns Mohair Blends 4-Ply in Ladock Woods and Metherell
Green Mountain Spinnery Meadow in Natural
Ravelry Project Page: Okanogan Socks

3. Kitty Hat

Every now and again, my cousin will ask me to make something adorable for her daughter, and of course I’m happy to oblige! She settled on wanting a little dusty rose beanie with kitty ears on it. Since it’s spring now, and we live in Ohio, I made it in a size that’ll fit her come fall when little Frankie turns 1 (!). I used my free stripey baby hat pattern as the guide for measurements for the beanie. And I completely made up the ears on the fly! I did write down the rough pattern in the notes of the project page though, if you’re interested! All I’ve got to do is sew on the ears and give it a bath.

Pattern: See Project Notes!
Yarn: Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend in Shale
Ravelry Project Page: Kitty Ears Beanie

4. Tristan Newborn Cardigan

I finally have a reason to use my skein of Pichinku baby alpaca yarn that I received from their Kickstarter! We’re expecting another baby boy in October this year :). I knew I wanted to use this yarn for something small and compact since alpaca can grow and stretch with time if the piece is large, heavy, or drapey. This little sweater will have snaps down the side opening, maybe with some buttons sewn on top for funsies. I did totally miss a cable early on, but I figure I’ll just cinch it up on the wrong side to make it look like a cable? I guess? Whatever, babies don’t care what they’re wearing.

Pattern: Tristan Newborn
Yarn: Pichinku Baby Alpaca (Iksay)
Ravelry Project Page: Newborn Cardigan

So, what with these projects, the garden, the toddler, and general mom-life, I’m keeping busy. I think maybe we’ll decompress with a hike or a bubble-making leafblower later.

ttyl love you bye

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