Hey everyone! It’s time to write an update on what I’ve been working on. In addition to the knitting I’ll talk about, I’ve been doing lots of other making-type things!

I added 8 projects bags to the Etsy shop. They are amazing. 2-3 skein-sized, tie-dyed, made with organic cotton, zippers and labels are from the USA, interior pocket… It’s the Per. Fect. Bag. for a smallish project. I have two of my own of that size which are housing 1) a sock project and 2) the beginnings of a fingering-weight sweater. I’m working on larger sizes now, too. I’m trying to decide on handles/straps and whether interior flap pockets would be a good addition to the zippered pocket. Probably.

Love the contrast bottom & the cute AF fabrics. Also these zippers are fan-damn-tastic.
Pretty obsessed with this blue.
This is my XL prototype.
Kelly T loves it. Also it’s much bigger than it appears.
This is holding 7 skeins of yarn and it’s barely 1/3 full. So. Make Hagrid a sweater.

I’ve also added lots of yarn options to the Etsy shop. At the moment I have 3 bases:

  • Ohio – DK 100% Merino
  • Geauga – Fingering 70 Merino/30 Silk
  • Erie – Fingering Single Ply 100% Merino

And all of my colorways now have the option to be dyed to order, in the event that what I have in stock isn’t the base you’re looking for. This includes a fade kit and a set of colorways inspired by the 3 dragons from Game of Thrones.

I love this so much. In fact, you’ll find it in my Rose Cardigan WIP below!
Game of Thrones Dragons – Viserion, Drogon, Rhagal

Finished Objects


I finally finished this cardigan! I got it done in just under 2 months, but I must have thought it would take less time, or maybe I’ve just been really busy because it feels like it should have been done a while ago. I was worried that I wouldn’t have enough yardage for it since it calls for 1700 yds and I only had 1600 yds. My usage clocked in at 1438 yds without having to modify anything (maybe sleeve length, but that was a short-arms decision rather than a yarn usage tactic). I really love it. It fits and is a really good wardrobe item that I know I’ll actually wear (precious pocketses). I might make another sometime, but I think I’d use a yarn that was a legit DK weight rather than what I used – sport weight leaning towards fingering. It’s a bit gauzy, but it’s still perfect.

Pattern: Portage
Yarn: Mountain Meadow Wool Lilura in Teal
Ravelry Project Page: Portage

Works in Progress

Okanogan Socks – For Jason!

Okay guys, I suck. I haven’t done any work on these since my last update. I think socks are a bit boring, there’s no hurry since it’s August, and frankly, since they’re not for me, I don’t have the urge to get them done so I can wear them. I’m glad they’re in progress so that I have something simple to work on when I need it!

Pattern: Okanogan by Andrea Rangel
Yarn: Blacker Yarns Mohair Blends 4-Ply in Ladock Woods and Metherell
Green Mountain Spinnery Meadow in Natural
Ravelry Project Page: Okanogan for Jason

Renee’s Sweater

I finally cast on this pullover design! This prototype will be gifted to my BFF Renee. It’s a top-down circular yoke with different textured stitches. I keep designing & frogging and changing things. I’m still not sure what I’ll do for the body or arms precisely, but the sweater will tell me when I get there. I think I will actually send this pattern to a tech editor and have test knitters help out with this, so it will be thoroughly vetted before release!

Pattern: In progress, I’ll get it released in Eventual Land
Yarn: Fuzzzy Green Fibers Geauga
Ravelry Project Page: Nae’s Sweater

Rose Cardigan

I know I said I was going to cast on a pair of socks, but I couldn’t resist this cardigan. I dyed up a fade for myself (which is available in my Etsy shop if you love it as much as I do!). I’m already fading in the 3rd color after working on it for 1 day. the beginning of each section goes so fast, it’s really gratifying. However there are 4 of them, they get REAL big toward the end, then there’s grafting and the collar and sleeves and…. well whatever the fading sequence is really fun, I don’t want to put it down. Also, this pattern has an amazing chart that helps keep track of all of the “at the same time” things going on. This is a livesaver.

Pattern: Rose
Yarn: Fuzzzy Green Fibers Jenna Maroney Fade on Geauga
Ravelry Project Page: Rose Cardigan

What I Plan to Work on Soon

I’ll make one for Scottie now (The 4-6 year size so that he can grow into it. He’s quite huge.), and the baby later. Probably a 1-ish year old one for babe since I don’t usually find much use for sweaters on babies until they can move around.

I have already made one of these, but I didn’t really know that the yarn I used would not really yield a good result. So, it’s high time to try again with some locally-dyed yarn!

I saw Tracie make one of these on the Grocery Girls Podcast and I knew I had to make one in this Dragon set.

This pattern is 1 of a set of 3 being released by Salapaloosa Knits – the Deathly Hallows socks! I’m excited to make 3 contrast heel-toe-cuff socks that represent the Invisibility Cloak, Resurrection Stone, and Elder wand <3.

I don’t technically need another diaper bag because the one I have is perfectly fine, but I have a bee in my bonnet about making a backpack one. This pattern is a lot more involved than anything else I’ve sewn, so we’ll see how I manage.

We’re on countdown to baby time, so we’ll see what I can accomplish before he becomes our newest roommate. And if I can manage to get anything at all done once he’s here… Fingers crossed!

❤ Larissa

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