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Long time, no blog

I haven’t been posting much to the blog lately! I’m knee deep in 10 week old baby duties with a 3 (!) year old to further complicate things. I actually do have WIPs and FOs despite the baby being a terrible sleeper and crabby all the time always. Working on big boy birthday plans, Christmas prep, and actual physical knitting has cut into any time I would ordinarily have taken to write blog posts. Modern motherhood is a lonely and isolating time – which isn’t new information to me. But I am finding out that I have plenty to say about knitting and yarn, but nobody to whom to say it. The only time really have to write is during nursing (like now), but during the night it’s all I can do keep my eyes open.

I think I’ll be posting my knitting stream of consciousness here more often, and some photographical evidence of my life on Instagram.

Nothing much exciting is happening now. I’m just trying to get as far as I can on Scottie’s sweater by Christmas. There’s a snowball’s chance of me finishing it, but it’s giving me direction.

Wow that was disjointed and a mess! Love you! Bye!

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