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Game of Thrones Dragons

Hi Hi!

I wanted to highlight the subtle differences of how these 4 bases take their Dragon dye. Drogon is red & black, Rhaegal is green & bronze, and Viserion is cream & gold with bronze speckles.


Single Ply Merino

Fingering Weight
100% Single Ply Non Superwash Merino
100g/337 yds

  • Single Ply Merino is fluffy and soft for those squishable light projects. This lot is very bright, true, and clean!

Merino Silk Sock

Fingering Weight
70% Non Superwash Merino/30% Silk
100g/440 yds

  • Merino Silk Sock is shimmery, soft, and strong. This lot is light, mottled, and clear!

High Twist Merino Sock

Fingering Weight
100% Non Superwash USA Merino
100g/415 yds

  • High Twist Merino Sock is plump, soft, and springy. This lot is super bright and vibrant!

High Twist Merino Tencel Sock

Fingering Weight
85% Non Superwash USA Merino/15% Tencel
100g/415 yds

  • High Twist Merino Tencel Sock is tight and twinkly. This lot is dark & moody, but water colored & easy at the same time!

There you have it! These Dragons will hit the Etsy shop this Friday at 5 pm Eastern time!

Valar Morghulis

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