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Ready to Ship - Rambouillet Sport Sock Set - Divination Club: Yarn, Charm & Tea - August


Ready to Ship - Rambouillet Sport Sock Set - Divination Club: Yarn, Charm & Tea

This club is for the tea & fortune-loving fiber artists.

Students learning divination will be acquainted with crystal balls, moon charts, dream journals, and tea leaves as means to predict happenings in the future.

Each box will contain a 100 g skein of non-superwash yarn (plus a mini skein if you choose a sock set), a progress-keeper charm, a blend of loose-leaf tea created by myself for you to use to interpret the shapes they make, and some divine extras!

The theme for August is "Shadows"Still in the heat of Summer, the bright sun makes long shadows that contrast in the evening light. Many of the plants begin to dry and become brown, mere shadows of the plants they once were. Without light there are no shadows, but the shadows can often be a relief from the heat, hard work, and blazing light. 

Rambouillet Sport
100% US Rambouillet
Sport Weight
100g/355 yd full skein
25g/88 yd mini skein

Green & Floral Blend
All Organic Ingredients: Green Tea, Green Rooibos, Lemongrass, Hibiscus Flowers

A butterfly looking for summer's last flowers.

Handmade soap.

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