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Announcements – Etsy Shop & The Baby


You may remember that I was due with baby boy #2 October 1st. Well it’s October 2nd, and wouldn’t you know it – still pregnant. I’m quite happy to roll around like Violet who turns into a giant blueberry in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory because having a newborn is a whole thing. Did you know? It’s like a lot of work and stuff.

Me, today, colorized.

Anyway, I bring up my mass-acquisition & impending tummy friend turned roommate situation because I put the Etsy shop in vacation mode as of today. I just want to make sure nobody is waiting to get an order filled if I suddenly go into labor.

With that said, I do anticipate a lot of exciting changes in the upcoming months. I may need a few of those months to remember how to function on no sleep and nurse 486 times a day, but I have a ton of ideas. My Notes app looks like a random word generator with all of the disjointed thoughts that occur to me. Here’s what’s kaleidoscoping around my brain & already in the works:

  • New colorways
  • New bases
  • Sets
  • Kits
  • Collaborations
  • Clubs
  • Fun bags (lol not boobs)

And I don’t intend to stay with Etsy forever – at the moment I like being able to use their search engine to guide people to my corner of the hippy-nonsense-yarn-world, but I’m pretty particular with how I’d like my shopping platform to look, and I have a lot more to offer than Etsy can help with. SoOoOoOo eventually, I’ll either add shopping on this website in addition to the Etsy shop, or I’ll completely transfer everything over here.

TL;DR – Etsy shop is in vacation mode, it’ll open with in-stock items after the baby comes.

Love you, ttyl, bye

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Announcements – September & October

Hello everyone!

Good gravy have I been busy the last few weeks. I feel like I have lots of announcements, so I’ll consolidate them all here in one post!

I have several discount codes running at the moment – take advantage!

  • Are you a FibreShare participant this round?! To get 20% off everything in my Etsy shop, use the official FibreShare discount code – no minimum orders! Don’t forget to check out the Natural Yarn Directory I compiled for those of you whose partners prefer synthetic & superwash-free yarn!
  • I was feeling sassy and made approximately a million color combinations for the Teroldego Shawl that was recently released by Caitlin Hunter (@boylandknitworks on Instagram). This led to me wanting to share the inspiration with a 10% off code for all yarn in the Etsy shop through September 16th using code TEROLDEGO10!

    Photo credit: Magpie Fibers

The brilliant Tracie and Jodi of the Grocery Girls Podcast started a forum thread in their Ravelry group to share newly released knitting patterns. I featured my Hero of Time hat and am running a 20% off discount on all Ravelry patterns through October 1st with code GROCERY20!

  • As of the end of the day September 14th, I’ll be deactivating Dyed to Order listings in the shop. If you don’t know, I’m due with baby #2 October 1st. Babies come on their own timeline, so it’s best to be safe and make sure everyone gets their orders on time!
  • On that same note, once I either go into labor or as late as October 6th, I’ll be putting the shop in vacation mode for a few weeks! I’ll be using this time to get to know the new kid, keep the house from falling down, and planning what stock to add to the shop once I’m ready to get back to the dyepots! I have approximately a million more colorway ideas, and I’ll have lots of middle of the night nursing sessions to solidify them!

In addition to all of this, I’ll be introducing some new yarn bases to the shop in the next few months, among infinity other projects!

Love you, mean it