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[PATTERN] Hero of Time

My husband grew up playing video games, and most formative among them was The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. He lauds the problem solving, story details, and fortitude needed to discover how to complete a quest that is common to many video games. Therefore, I’ve made a hat pattern to reflect the nostalgia, happiness, and triumph many of you and your family members feel when playing any of the Legend of Zelda games.

You can find it in two places:

My Ravelry Pattern Store

My Etsy Store*


The Fair Isle motifs in this pattern tell the story of Link becoming the Hero of Time in several The Legend of Zelda video games. He must collect the Spiritual Stones & the Master Sword, which lead him to the Triforce, his foe, and a victory as Hero of Time!

Toddler/Child(Large Child/Small Adult, Large Adult)

Finished Measurements
17-19(20-22, 23-24)” or 43-49(50-56, 57-61) cm head circumference.
The Toddler/Child size fits my 2.5 year old with a 19.5” head, the Large Child/Small Adult size fits myself with a 21.5”(54.5 cm) head, and the Large Adult fits my husband with a 23.5”(60 cm) head.

Fingering Weight Yarn:
1 Main Color 30-50 g/approx. 132-220 yds/121-201 m
7 Contrasting Colors (yellow, darker blue/purple, gray, lighter blue, gold, red, green); 10 g/44 yds/40 m Gold, 5 g/22 yds/20 m each of the other colors. This works out to one half of a fingering weight skein or less, and very small amounts of the rest of the colors – the yardages are over-estimates! This is great for bold-colored scraps!

*A limited number of yarn kits of the 7 contrasting colors are available for purchase through the FuzzzyGreenFibers Etsy shop!

When choosing a Main Color, a very dark or very light color makes the best contrast for the motifs to pop! Although, don’t be afraid of some color or speckles if you’re so inclined.

27 stiches & 32 rows in stockinette/Fair Isle per 4”/10 cm on US 2.5/3.00 mm needles. If you’re not sure how your gauge might change in stockinette vs Fair Isle, I’d recommend a Fair Isle Swatch

Techniques Used

  • Fair Isle stranded knitting.
  • 3-color Fair Isle is used for several rows.
  • It may be helpful to catch long floats (>5 stitches) to help with tension & catching. Video tutorial:

<3 Larissa

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[PATTERN] Three-Eyed Raven

Winter is coming.

Well, winter came. Winter is here.

I am so excited to share this pattern with you all! This pattern ended up being the perfect homage to a very captivating character from Game of Thrones. For those of you who are Game of Thrones fans, I think you’ll love this as much as I do. I also sincerely hope this isn’t a spoiler to anyone, but Bran Stark becomes the next Three-Eyed Raven. He seems like he’s shaping up to be the character that the future of Westeros hinges upon in the rest of the series.

This beautiful pattern is a shawl that encapsulates three foundational aspects of what it means to be Bran Stark.

  1. Since he is from the North, being a Stark of Winterfell, he and his fellow Northerners wear fur cloaks. The warm natural tones and addition of a mohair blend suggest the furry warmth of the necessary skins he must wear to be the most senior male Stark in Winterfell.
  2. As the Three-Eyed Raven, he is connected to and channels his power through the Weirwood trees of the North and beyond The Wall. Throughout the shawl, branches of the Weirwood spread to connect the wolf-like Stark aspects and the etherial Three-Eyed Raven.
  3. Bran becomes the Raven itself. The lace in this shawl is called “Raven” which symbolizes the duties that Bran must take on. The lace pattern even looks like a raven’s skull.



Protect yourself from the frigid Northern cold and connect through the Weirwoods as the Three-Eyed Raven!

Buy the pattern from Ravelry here!

Enjoy! <3 Larissa

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Baby Hat Pattern

For some reason, when you’re a knitter, everyone thinks that “you could totally sell things” that you’ve knit. It’s mostly well-meaning, and if you’re an Obliger like me, you feel compelled to actually do it. So I did it. I started my Etsy shop to sell baby hats. I went with baby hats because 1) I have/had a baby and 2) they’re one of the few things that you can actually profit from when you factor in materials needed and time it takes to knit it.

So, I embarked on making simple baby hats that were generic but unique. In doing so, I came up with a recipe for different sizes that I liked along with a method to put simple stripes in if desired. To make my own life easier, I wrote my pattern recipe down for all the sizes I offer in my Etsy shop, and thus my first published pattern was born! It’s a free pattern called Jogless-Join Stripes Baby Hat and it’s available on my Ravelry shop. Go download it if’n it interests you!